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3:42 PM

Debate Team 

Peter King: Dry Like a $12 Martini

Democrats love to hear Republicans jeopardize their candidacies by saying stupid things. But both liberal megablogger Daily Kos and local progressive the Daily Gotham misinterpret as sincerity a little shot of acerbic irony deployed by Long Island (Republican) incumbent Representative Peter King in describing his vote for the controversial 2003 Medicare overhaul.

The moment came in a debate with Democratic challenger David Mejias. It's oh-so subtle, but when the King calls AARP and the NCAAP "radical organizations," he's making a joke. It's pretty understated, and like fellow employers of the dry and detached delivery (David Letterman, Steven Wright), King pulls it off with perfect tactical remove.

Sadly, in a heated campaign year, the first casualty of politics is always hilarity. Next debate, the King of Comedy better wear a seltzer-spraying lapel and drop a few banana peels under Mejias's podium, just to let everyone know the joke shop is open for business.

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