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10/ 9/06

10:45 AM


Foley Scandal Keeps on Giving

  • Kirk Fordham going as a rat for Halloween. [NYT]
  • Tom Reynolds still workshopping story, lies. [Buffalo News]
  • Pending gig as Wal-Mart greeter means Denny Hastert can't honor commitment to attend Bloomberg's big GOP fundraiser. [NYP]
  • Spitzer's second banana hard to hear through muzzle. [NYS]
  • Clinton to Bon Jovi: Take my hand; we'll make it I swear. [NYP]
  • Spitzer's vow of selflessness allows Faso to call him a spoiled rich kid. [NY1]
  • The farther you get from ground zero, the more Rudy is "9/11 Man". [NYT]
  • Two hospitalized after New Jersey Senate debate. [NYT]
  • But even in Jersey, brutal attacks will only get you so far. [AP]
  • Hillary parachutes into another electoral war zone. [Hartford Courant]