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10/ 9/06

5:30 PM

The State Politic 

Heck, Yes, We're Voting for Pirro!

One of the odder scenes, among many, at today's Columbus Day parade on Fifth Avenue: the dozen or so Jeanine Pirro campaign workers wearing "Vote for Pirro" T-shirts in the exact style of Napoleon Dynamite's "Vote for Pedro" T-shirts. Give her points for a sense of humor, but does the embattled Republican state attorney general really want to be identifying herself with a monosyllabic Mexican teen, even one who scores an unlikely win in the election for student-council president? Pirro grinned when asked if she's a fan of the movie. "Well, I don't know if I'm part of the cult," she said, standing on the corner of 44th Street and clutching a cup of deli coffee. "But the movie appeals to a lot of people!" Maybe that's the way she can make the scandals go away: Some sweet dance moves.

Chris Smith