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12:10 PM

Attack of the Day 

Hillary Turns the Other Taunt

In the latest zinger of the Spencer-Clinton looks volley, Hillary coyly sneaks in a little dig of her own at her opponent. "Do you want to check for the scars?" she offered in response to Spencer's claim that she'd had "millions" in plastic surgery done over the years. Clinton's line had subtle spirits of ironic genius.

Besides, anyone who's taken on the yeoman's task of contemplating John Spencer's visage might notice his complexion is hardly peaches-and-cream perfect. Maybe the health plan for Yonkers public employees couldn't hook up "millions" in plastic surgery, but how bad could the co-pay have been on a microdermabrasion?

Meanwhile, as Clinton was cutting up her nemesis, he was backtracking from another comment. A columnist for the Journal News said that Spencer made an "off-color remark" (i.e., steamy) about Mrs. Clinton's sexuality.

The writer, Phil Reisman, said that he asked Spencer if he would label Clinton a liberal in their debates last weekend. Reisman says Spencer "said words to the effect of, 'Well, you know me, words slip out, but I won't call her a lesbian or anything.'"

Whenever the remote control in John Spencer's mind flips past Hillary Clinton, the Spice Channel is only one click away.

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