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4:33 PM

The Smartest Guy in the Room 

Spitzer Reconsiders Hevesi

Spitzer doesn't get all smiley for just anyone.Courtesy Spitzer-Paterson 2006

Just in time for tomorrow's comptroller's debate, Eliot Spitzer is rethinking his endorsement of Alan Hevesi. With only two weeks to go until the election, can the removal of Spitzer's weight make Chris Callaghan's numbers rise like an electoral soufflé? Will Hevesi have to resign even if he wins? Is it worth running a race you'll probably win if you're going to have to quit when you get there? Can honor ever be restored to the word "comptroller" in the eyes of New Yorkers?

Like sands in the hour glass, these questions fall …

And speaking of daytime dramas, where the hell has Jeanine Pirro been to take some of this heat? It's been a rough day.

Spitzer Cools to Hevesi [Empire Zone]