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11:40 AM

Spot Check 

Jeanine of Arc

In Jeanine Pirro's new ad, all that's missing is the Joan of Arc costume and the CGI flames. In just 30 seconds, she effortlessly transitions from victim to avenger — call it a Pirro-uette.

A couple of Pirro's claims are sketchy — the Feds have not commented on the status of their ongoing investigation, and the notion of Andrew Cuomo offering "amnesty to criminals" is not accurate. But as the Real World-esque spot goes, this is Daytime Emmy material. Pirro won't apologize for anything; in fact, it's you the viewer who should be apologizing for even thinking about counting her out.

That said, the massive stack of paperwork behind her is kind of daunting. Hope that isn't DNA evidence she never found time to look over while she was off bugging the family boat.