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9:45 AM


Money Changes Everything

  • Hillary's mom gets the upstairs bedroom. [NYDN]
  • Behind the comptroller: A heart-nuzzling history of Alan "If the Slipper Fits" Hevesi. [Newsday]
  • Cuomo agrees to debate Pirro twice, "but only if she talks the whole time and I don't have to show up." [NYT]
  • At Faso event, Giuliani warns that massive Spitzer tax hikes will doom us to a future of foie gras school lunches, free plastic surgery, and glassy smooth driving experiences. [NYS]
  • Seeking cash, Pirro turns to two titans of American Democracy, Dan Quayle and the Swift Boat guy. [NYDN]
  • Spitzer offers glimpse of future administration with list of top aides, including finance chief Spiderman, education czar Wonder Woman, and energy secretary the Green Lantern. Observers surprised Hawk and Apache were shut out of major appointments. [NYS]
  • Lamont now only in race so he has an excuse to "blow a little cash and get out of the house now and again." [Hartford Courant]