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10/ 2/06

1:05 PM

Survey Says 

New Yorkers Too Cool for Scandals

Those twin banditos of the public trust — husband-bugging attorney-general candidate Jeanine Pirro and wife-ferrying state comptroller Alan Hevesi — continue their black reign of terror over newspapers and bloggers, but a Marist poll released Friday suggests that the citizenry at large is unfazed.

The Pirro numbers are surprising. Of registered voters in the state, 72 percent have heard of Pirro's domestic troubles. Of those voters, only 35 percent are "troubled" by it, even though 42 percent of them believe she acted unethically. Such a public fiasco (Wiretaps! Bernie Kerik! Boats! Affairs!) would likely skew margins in any other state, but Democrat Andrew Cuomo's lead of 54-31 hasn't changed much in the last two weeks. Voters are just that jaded.

Hevesi's Teflon shield is even thicker. Only 39 percent of registered voters have heard of the Hevesi Ride-a-Long program, and only 36 percent of those who knew about it cared. Half of them were not bothered at all. Hevesi leads Republican challenger Chris Callaghan by 30 points.