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4:50 PM


Media Spreads Money Liberally, Conservatively

Objectivity? Who needs it? Well-known members of the media establishment aren't ashamed of throwing money (as well as column inches) at their favorite politicos. And you can forget about that notion of liberal bias — Republican candidates and right-leaning PACs have also benefited from media bucks this year. (Blue-state pariah Rick Santorum even received a contribution from Ardath Rodale! Of course, the Rodale CEO gave even more money to Santorum's opponent, but still …) Here's a list of select media members who've been lending their election-year support:

William F. Buckley, editor-at-large, National Review
Christopher Shays: $1,500
The longtime GOP incumbent is tied at 43 percent with Democratic challenger Diane Farrell.
Club for Growth PAC: $2,000
The conservative PAC supports candidates in favor of repealing the estate tax and making tax cuts permanent.

Steve Forbes, CEO, Forbes Inc.
Rob Simmons: $1,000
The Republican incumbent from Connecticut's Second District is in a tight race with Joseph Courtney.

Merri Hannity, wife of conservative radio and TV host Sean Hannity
Jeanine Pirro: $20,000
In 2005, Sean Hannity urged his viewers to contribute to Pirro during her short-lived Senate race against Hillary Clinton.

William Kristol, founder, Weekly Standard
George Allen: $250
The Republican Virginia senator is slightly ahead of Democrat Jim Webb in the polls.

Judith Regan, president, Regan Media
Hillary Clinton: $1,000

Jann Wenner, founder, Wenner Media
Bob Casey: $2,500
In one of the most-watched Senate races in the country, Democrat Casey is trying to unseat Republican Rick Santorum after one term.
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: $25,000

Dick Ebersol, chairman, NBC Sports
General Electric Company PAC: $2,000

Lorne Michaels, creator, Saturday Night Live
Midwest Values PAC: $2,000
Al Franken's PAC is closing in on $1 million raised this year.

Jeffrey Zucker, CEO, NBC Universal Television
General Electric Company PAC: $5,000

Ardath Rodale, chairman of the board, Rodale Inc.
Bob Casey: $2,300
Rick Santorum: $1,000

David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief, Men's Journal
Lois Murphy: $1,000
Murphy is a Democrat running against an incumbent Republican in Pennsylvania's Sixth District.
Jon Kyl: $1,000
The two-term Republican senator from Arizona has a small lead against Democrat Jim Pederson.

Jon Steinberg