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1:35 PM


Once a Comptroller, Always a Comptroller

Comptroller Alan Hevesi may not have much pull with Democratic-party superstars, but what matters more — the condescending head tappings of pampered higher-ups or the respect and support of your colleagues in the 'trolling trenches? Alan Hevesi has been endorsed by a former state comptroller and the current New York City comptroller Bill Thompson. You have to admire anyone who'll bring his ailing friend a metaphorical bowl of soup, and their dismissals of Callaghan are damning, if partisan. But Thompson's endorsement isn't entirely selfless or partisan, as he stands a good chance of being tapped by Eliot Spitzer to replace Hevesi, who will likely resign if elected.

H. Carl McCall, former New York State Comptroller:

"I've been comptroller; I know what the job takes. Chris Callaghan does not have what it takes. I know Comptroller Hevesi can do the job because he has already done the job. And his opponent, Chris Callaghan, is not qualified. There's simply no choice. I'm voting for Alan Hevesi."

William C. Thomson Jr., New York City Comptroller:

"As city comptroller, I understand the importance of the office of state comptroller. Chris Callaghan is simply not up to the job. He's not qualified to manage New York's $140 billion pension fund. Comptroller Hevesi's record as both New York City comptroller and state comptroller is something to be proud of. I am voting for Alan Hevesi."

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