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9:30 AM


One Pirro Slashes, Another Burns

  • The loveless life of Al Pirro. [NYP]
  • The sizzling saucepot of crazy good times that was the first attorney-general debate. [NYT]
  • Two views of Spitzer: Either he's a power-drunk jerk or you're just jealous. [NYT]
  • Pirro and Cuomo share shady donor issues. [NYDN]
  • Contrary to her claim, Pirro saw Deskovic evidence. [NYDN]
  • Michael Bloomberg, a lot like Danny Devito in "Twins." [NYT]
  • Will the new anti-Hillary please step forward? [NYS]
  • Can Eliot Spitzer be excellent to everyone?. [Newsday]
  • Even in victory, Lieberman may end up the loneliest kid in the Senatorial sandbox. [Hartford Courant]
  • Everyone's favorite Vaudeville comedy act, Koch & D'Amato wheeze forth with pronouncement: The NYGOP is toast. [Newsday]