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9:45 AM


Picking Fights, Dodging Questions, and Going Joemental

  • Hillary explains her Iraq position, makes everything all better. [NYDN]
  • With daily good-deed quota lagging, Spitzer goes after nasty power plant. [AP via amNY]
  • Crazy old lady with wacky "new world order" conspiracy theory steals show at Faso fund-raiser. [NYT]
  • McCain gets harsh on Hillary for Clinton-era North Korea policy. Hillary responds, "Honey, I wasn't even the damn room." [Newsday]
  • A tentacle of the Foley scandal gently caresses another upstate race. [Times Herald Record]
  • A Star Is Born: Spitzer, the Early Years. [NYT]
  • A fun game for the whole family: "Find Joe in Row E." [NYT]
  • Schumer and Cuomo field questions on Jeanine Pirro with "no comment," playful smirk. [NY1]