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10/ 5/06

9:45 AM


Pirro's Graft, Alan's Sticky Fingers, Faso's Lightness of Being

  • She gives and she gives, and what does she get back? Only tears. As Westchester D.A., Jeanine doled out no-bid contracts to Rudy and Bernie. [NYP]

  • Callaghan claims Hevesi gave his wife a computer with state money — also a lamp. an ashtray, a paddle game, and the remote control. (That's all she needed.) [NYDN]

  • Alan "Worse Than Nixon" Hevesi's approval rating drops 8 percent. [Albany Times Union]

  • John Faso maintains hipster street cred with cool underground candidacy, not like that played-out overexposed Spitzer. [NYDN]

  • Representative Peter King says Mark Foley reminds him of a Catholic priest. Pope Benedict tells Catholics it's okay to kill Representative Peter King. [Newsday]

  • New York Republicans: Pirro is so last week; we've got a new scandal-plagued failure to rally behind. [NYT]

  • Cuomo makes quick "I'm not the leaker" statement before embarking on six-week hiking trip in Alaska. [Newsday]

  • Lieberman, using fun "Joe Logic," says Lamont's Iraq war stance is bad for Israel. [NYT]

  • Jim McGreevey's memoir is hot in another sense. [Star-Ledger]
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