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3:25 PM

Survey Says 

Reynolds Rises on Snow Fall

Tom Reynolds called this horse a liar.Courtesy

Tom Reynolds, besieged ex-Foleyator, day-care provider, and, now, pilot of the federally financed Snowplow that Saved Buffalo, has bounced back like a resilient (if mushy with sweat) rubber ball to recapture the lead in his race for reelection. Wasn't he down fifteen whole points to opponent Jack Davis in the wake of the Foley cover-up? Guess not.

Maybe it's the money, but it might just easily be the mouth — the potty mouth, that is. There's no better way to show you're 100 percent manimal than to spray around a little sauce talk now and again. When asked about the miraculously coincidental timing of the federal relief money — which arrived two weeks after the storm and the same day that Reynolds testified about Mark Foley before the House Ethics Committee — Reynolds tartly responded, "It's all horseshit." The Buffalo News was so freaked by Reynolds after-hours agitation they printed his explicating expletive as "horse [manure]." Buffalo being a hockey town, we'd have preferred "horse [puckey]," but whatever.

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