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6:30 PM

Spot Check 

Voting: More Fun Than Mall Madness!

You think it's about shopping, but then it's about voting!

Thanks to the Internet, we can all see this very strange ad encouraging women to vote from the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee. The last woman in the booth seems to actually select a candidate at that moment, an act almost never seen in nature but very possible in this ad, where voting is an accessory removed from the world of meaning and context.

"Change Stuff," the tagline demands. A citizen might ask, "What?" Either the ad's creator, Jimmy Siegel, didn't get the memo that the slacker-apathy meme went out years ago or he was concerned that a smaller female brain capacity might be exhausted by the inclusion of any issue-oriented content.

Either way, ladies, consider yourself condescended to. That Gwen Stefani could have a hand in this really is troubling. She's been for girl power since 1996.

Voting Is Cool [Capitol Confidential]