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3:30 PM


What Has Two Thumbs and Likes Snow Jobs?

Nothing brings joy (and votes) to a snowed-in town like federal relief.Courtesy

Did someone say political payback in Buffalo? President Bush has declared Western New York a federal disaster area following the storms that punished the region on October 12 and 13.

The cost of relief needed for home and business owners is estimated at $95 million and will be handled by FEMA. In this post-Katrina world, FEMA took only two weeks to respond to the storm. But if you're assuming incompetence explains the tardy arrival of the much-needed assistance, well, you're not nearly as conspiracy-minded as you should be.

Buffalo Pundit sees evil where all others can only see stupidity. Republican incumbent and troubled friend of Foley Tom Reynolds promised the relief as early as last Sunday, but nothing arrived until yesterday — the same day Reynolds testified before the House Ethics Committee regarding his involvement in the Foley scandal.

Though the National Republican Congressional Committee (which Reynolds chairs) recently left the embattled incumbent off its campaign-relief list, $95 million in free advertising ought to compensate.

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