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10/ 4/06

5:45 PM


Reynolds's Fall Guy

Consequences of the Mark Foley fiasco are getting closer to upstate incumbent representative Tom Reynolds. His chief of staff, Kirk Fordham, resigned this afternoon after admitting to asking ABC News to hold off on reporting the porny instant messages sent by Foley to a former House page.

Fordham was Foley's chief of staff for a decade and remained friends with the recently gay, recently alcoholic former congressman.

"I have resigned today from Congressman Tom Reynolds's office," Fordham said in a statement released to the press. "It is clear the Democrats are intent on making me a political issue in my boss's race, and I will not let them do so."

Partisan slime-wielding even in abject career-scorching disgrace! Fordham should send his resume to Katherine Harris. She'll appreciate a chief of staff who loves trading media conspiracy theories.

"N.Y. Rep's Aid Tried to Hush It Up" [NYDN]