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1:35 PM

Attack of the Day 

Spencer Caught in Jet Wash

GOP Senate hopeful John Spencer
loves rehashing the sixties.Courtesy Spencer For Senate

John Spencer went on "Curtis and Kuby in the Morning" today to deny his comments about Hillary Clinton's appearance. Nothing humiliates a reporter like Ben Smith more than being called a blogger:
'It's so ridiculous that Ben Smith, the blogger sitting next to me on an airplane, who quite frankly, made statements that I surely wouldn't repeat about other candidates in the race. He was in a giddy mood making statements, so I think in his conversational mind with a jet engine blowing in his right ear, uh … we had a rambling conversation about the sixties. That's what our conversation was about and how he came out with those ridiculous fabrications is beyond me."

So what was their "rambling conversation" like? The E&O Speculator has the answers:

Smith: So, what were the sixties like for you, Mr. Spencer?

Spencer: Pretty empty. Hillary Clinton wasn't in my life yet, and so I had no focus, no direction. I enlisted in Vietnam, out of desperation more than anything. I wouldn't have done that if I'd had the grounding power of love. I'd have stayed in school, maybe gone to graduate school. I'm a pretty bright guy, ran a whole city, ya know. Anyway, yeah, the sixties sucked. Now, if you'll pardon me, these JetBlue flights are my only chance to watch competitive bass fishing.

A Conversational Mind [The Politicker]