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10/ 4/06

9:45 AM


Suffer the Little Children

  • AJ and Meadow drummed into service at Jeanine rally; Pataki appears via satellite from fallout shelter. [NYDN]
  • Oops, wrong witch hunter. [Journal News]
  • Laura Bush, the only Republican who isn't disgraced or despised, comes to the aid of disgraced, despised Tom Reynolds. [Buffalo News]
  • Reynolds expands strenuously pursued stupidity defense regarding aid's role in Foley craziness. [Albany Times Union ]
  • 38 percent of Americans still live in Stone Age. [NYDN]
  • Connecticut races descend — or de-Foley-ate — into scandal-related mudslinging. [Hartford Courant]
  • Majority Leader Bruno has bad day at the track. [AP]
  • Bronx borough prez is a total brownnoser. [NYS]