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9:45 AM


The Big Debate, and Hevesi's Date in Court

  • Faso busts out B-List meanness in final debate with Spitzer .[NYT]
  • In case you weren't fact-checking at home... [NYT]
  • Mark Warner pulls out of the '08 race; Republicans sensing a Hillary walk, dance in the streets. [NYDN]
  • Alan Hevesi's wife's driver to be making a stop at the D.A.'s house. [Albany Times Union]
  • Page-program overseer narks out the people who stuck him with lousy page-overseeing job. [NYP]
  • Experts expecting nothing but bruising good times at Cuomo-Pirro debate. [NYDN]
  • It's McCain and Kissinger versus Clinton and Obama in New Jersey. Apparently, they're also having a Senate race there. [NYT]