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12:36 PM


It's Not Just Mrs. Hevesi's Fault

When this campaign season got rolling round about Labor Day, everyone knew Eliot Spitzer and Hillary Clinton were sure of certain victory come November 7. But even surer of certainer victory was Alan Hevesi. Obviously, that is no longer the case.

Our comptroller's free-spending ways don't end with state-subsidized car rides for the old lady. He also took two taxpayer-funded trips to Las Vegas and two more to Tel Aviv to the tune of about $35,000. While all the other comptrollers were eating at Denny's and clipping coupons, Alan Hevesi was drinking Hennessy at the Tropicana with Moe Green.

As Hevesi's bad-assness compounds, Democrats are fleeing from him. Republicans are acting like he's the worst thing for civic life since Nero rocked a fiddle. The Post endorsed his opponent. Republican Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno wants him out. The nonpartisan Citizens Union wants him out, and Eliot Spitzer probably wants him out, though he's still parsing the exact phrasing. Upstate congressional hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand is asking for his resignation to bolster her own credentials as a candidate of "ethics and accountability."

All because a guy wanted his sick wife to suffer a little less and get around a little easier. And play a little roulette on the back of working man.

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