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10/ 2/06

9:30 AM


The Money Pit

  • The Feds are now looking into Jeanine Pirro's financial records. Also allege she started the Chicago fire, is responsible for the Black Dahlia murder, and outsourced all the sewing for her Olympus Fashion Week collection. [NYT]
  • She paid for it in tears; he paid for it in large monthly sums of cash. [NYP]
  • Fade out the Frank Sinatra, cue up the Gretchen Wilson: Al's illegitimate daughter offers support from Oklahoma. [NYDN]
  • Westchester locals offer bland "eh, whatever" on Pirro scandal. [Newsday]
  • Senator Pothole says Jeanine's buried. [NYP]
  • Clintons dip into rarely tapped "jock" pool of celebrity love. [AP]
  • Pataki's last 100 days: fewer hospitals, more charter schools. [NYS]
  • Bloomberg has a good hype man.[NYDN]
  • Faso, looking for something — anything — that might work, continues tying Spitzer to Hevesi. [AP]