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6:15 PM

Attack of the Day 

The Truth Can't Rest on Sundays

In the Oscar-nominated documentary Street Fight, which follows the Newark mayoral race of 2003, there's a scene where unassailably likable reform-minded challenger Cory Booker preps for a debate against legendarily corrupt, machine incumbent Sharpe James. Booker, hesitant to use any information he can't back up, is worrying over the specifics of a factoid when a consultant cuts in with a little political realism. "In a debate you can say anything and people will think it's true," she says.

Well, that may have been how things went down in the bronze age of 2003, but these days, some rigorously unbiased soul is always watching. Wrongs are righted (with a nice soundtrack) in this montage of bits from last Sunday's debate between New Jersey Senate candidates Robert Menendez (D) and Tom Kean Jr. (R).

[Perfectly Wrong]