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9:45 AM


Two Pols Enter, One Pol Leaves

  • Sparks fly between Cuomo and Pirro, suggesting stormy romance in second season. [NYT]
  • The "facts" that obscure the fun in the Cuomo-Pirro debate. [NYT]
  • Hating politicians: It's not just for the apathetic and uninformed. [NYDN]
  • Bush does cameo in Long Island congressional debate between King and Mejias. [Newsday]
  • John Faso: party animal. [NYT]
  • Faso claims fear that Emperor Spitz's wrath will scare away potential donors. [Journal News]
  • Burning money is bad for the environment, so Pataki throws it away in New Hampshire. [Albany Times Union]
  • Clinton debate prep includes showing up, speaking into camera. [NYS]
  • Robert Menendez and Tom Kean Jr. won't be writing BFF in each other's yearbooks after the election ends. [Star Ledger]