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6:05 PM

The State Politic 

Will New Jersey Ruling Change Clinton's Mind?

Ah, those mischievous political gods: This afternoon, New Jersey's Supreme Court issued a ruling that seems to move the state closer to legalizing same-sex marriage or its civil-union equivalent. The court also handed Republicans a badly needed cultural weapon twelve days before Election Day.

Tonight, New York gay leaders have a long-awaited sit-down with Senator Hillary Clinton in the Upper East Side apartment of Democratic donor Sally Minard. As if they needed a conversation starter: Clinton has opposed same-sex marriage while otherwise saying the proper things about equal rights, a stance that's earned her considerable scorn locally. Most recently, she quietly endorsed extending insurance benefits to the domestic partners of federal workers. The activists would like to see some moral courage from Clinton, even if her legislative incrementalism is the only politically realistic option as long as Republicans control Congress.

Chris Smith

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