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9:45 AM


Make New Friends

  • Allen concedes, Mehlman resigns, "Midnight George" tries to sneak through legislation no one wants. [NYT]
  • World now brought to you in Schumer Vision. [Newsday]
  • George Allen, from golden boy to cooked goose. [WP]
  • Harry Reid, nice guy, consensus builder, playful noogie receiver. [NYT]
  • Dems will intrusively go after friends of federal wiretapping, see how they like it. [NYT]
  • Bush and Pelosi, just like starting over. [NYDN]
  • Spitzer and Bloomberg promise to love each other, fix everything. [NYP]
  • Team Spitzer, ready to take names and do good. [NYDN]
  • If you ever see Eliot Spitzer eating a piece of chicken, run for the hills. [NYT]
  • Sixty-seven percent of New Yorkers to Hillary: Sure, go ahead and run for president, you'll be back. [Gallop Poll]
  • Add these two Western New York Dems to the list of local congressfolk with new massive power. [Buffalo News]
  • Mississippi, last in everything, including Charlie Rangel's heart. [amNY]
  • Brooklyn's James Madison High School, font of senators. [NYS]
  • Trailing by a substantial margin, Nick Spano won't let it go. [amNY]
  • Save Hevesi! [NYS]