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11/ 3/06

9:45 AM


It's Gut-Check Time

  • Bill and Hillary share/step on each other's best lines in a beautiful toe-crushing ballet. [NYDN]
  • Reynolds was in on Republican "damage control" talks days before he rolled out his "I could have done more, and for that, I am sorry" shtick. [NYDN]
  • Hevesi will still probably make the finish line in first place. [NY1]
  • Or will he … (Du-rama!) [NYS]
  • Spitzer: I'm no Reagan. [Rochester Democrat & Chronicle]
  • Hillary Clinton. For decades she would arise each morning, look in the mirror, and repeat with conviction, "Honey, you are fun." Now, she finally is. [NYT]
  • Jeffrey Deskovic, once a victim of Jeanine Pirro's whim, is now formally a free man. First words: "Got any Cuomo literature I can pass out around town?" [Journal News]
  • Getting crushed in 2004 presidential run liberated Lieberman to become bland cow-towing centrist he is today. [NYT]
  • A Menendez loss may cause Corzine to rethink the Springsteen candidacy he once scoffed at. [NYT]
  • New York will rep large in Democratic House of Reps. [NYS]