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11/ 9/06

9:45 AM



  • Bush to Schumer: "I wish you were on my team." [NYT]
  • The AP calls it for Webb, Dems ransack Senate. [WP]
  • Get Along Gates replaces rude-boy Rumsfeld. [NYT]
  • A "thumping"? We heard it was a "thumpin'" [LAT]
  • "Stay the course" hits a brick wall named Nancy. [Star Ledger)
  • Pelosi gets mega coked up for "100 hours" agenda. [Financial Times]
  • News alert: Hillary will announce surprise presidential run sometime pretty soon. You heard it here first. [NYP]
  • But for now it's Mumsville on '08. [Rochester Democrat and Chronicle]
  • Hillary nuh-uhs possible role as Senate majority leader. [NYT]
  • Schumer and Hillary try on togas as Empire State looks more and more imperial in new political reality. [NYT]
  • Vilsack 08! (Readers, please note, getting your vilsack checked regularly can help prevent certain forms of cancer) [Des Moines Register]
  • A few more women, but House still pretty much haven for gross, fat, senile, old white guys. [WP]
  • Walsh, Kelly, Massa won't let the dream die. [amNY]
  • Lieberman owes the GOP big. [NYDN]
  • Spitzer serving up the waffles for Hevesi. [Newsday]