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11/ 6/06

9:45 AM


To the Wire

  • Hevesi, hard to smoosh. [NYDN]
  • State GOP plays the blame game. [NYT]
  • Republicans, in need of something to feel good about, pile on the Hevesi hate. [NYDN]
  • The Saratoga Republican machine — worse than Tammany? [Newsday]
  • The Clintons rally all weekend. [amNY]
  • Republicans for Spitzer. [NYT]
  • Eric Massa for Republicans. [amNY]
  • Faso and Spitzer, get to know them. [NYDN]
  • Lieberman's pomp stomps Lamont's scrap. [NYT]
  • Spitzer denies a "cover-up" of aide's drunk-driving bust. [NYS]
  • Bush and Lamont, same dude. [NYT]
  • Giving Spitzer his marching orders. [NYP]
  • New Yorkers, for once, your votes matter. [Albany Times Union]
  • Reynolds and Davis, tied. [Buffalo News]
  • Gillibrand and Sweeney, tied. [Albany Times Union]
  • Iraq first in voters minds, Foley second, both sad and ugly. [NY1]
  • In happier news, Jeanine Pirro and Bernie Kerik are madly in love. [Journal News]