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11/ 1/06

9:45 AM


The End in Sight

  • Hevesi legal team floors it. [NYT]
  • Spitzer and Bloomberg lend little guys a lift. [NYDN]
  • To prove competence, Callaghan campaign includes candidate doing complex math problems. [Newsday]
  • Schumer and Bloomberg, deputies of Wall Street. [amNY]
  • A Ned Lamont pre-postmortem [NYT]
  • "Liberated" Joe Lieberman. [NYT]
  • More bread in the state bread box, differences on how to bake it. [Albany Times Union]
  • Hillary wants a cabinet-level nukes guy. For all those decades when we almost blew up the world, we never had this? [NYP]
  • In dead heat, Kean and Menendez go into super double overdrive. [Newark Star Ledger]