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11/ 2/06

9:00 AM


So Much Badness, So Little Time Till Election Day

  • Congressman Sweeney half-admits domestic-violence incident. [NYDN]
  • It's all around town that Sweeney mistreated his wife. [NYDN]
  • Hevesi gave no-bid contracts to his old employees. [NYP]
  • Callaghan finds yet another Hevesi gripe. [Newsday]
  • Hillary confirms Kerry is a doofus. [Albany Times Union]
  • Andrew Cuomo's sketchy record running HUD. [NYT]
  • Christopher Callaghan: unprepared, intrepid, comptroller. [NYT]
  • Spitzer wants to shower money on the schools, Faso wants to bathe them in cold reality. [NYT]
  • It's all about the ladies in New Jersey Senate race. [Newark Star Ledger]