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11/ 1/06

2:01 PM

Survey Says 

Even the Pollsters Are Getting Feisty

That come-hither smile won't carry Election Day.Courtesy Ned Lamont for Senate

A new Quinnipiac University poll out on the Connecticut Senate race shows Ned Lamont gaining slightly on Joe Lieberman. Lamont is down 49-37, a bump of five points from an October 20 poll. Republican Alan Schlesinger has 8 percent, putting him contention for third with Ralph Ferrucci, the Green Party candidate.

Lieberman's little dip comes from a small migration of independents, whose support for him dropped from 58 to 51. But that's to be expected, independents being capricious and untrustworthy by nature.

The poll's findings are delivered in the dry, authoritative tone we've come to expect from such reports. That is, until this little blast of 'tude at the very end: "If Lamont has an October surprise, he'd better check the calendar."

Jesus, anonymous poll tabulator — who pissed in your Cheerios? Stick with the statistical cleavage analysis and leave the snarky punch lines to the professionals.

Qunnipiac University Poll