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11/ 9/06

5:23 PM


Five Steps to Sanity for Sad GOPers

For what seems like eons, we've been listening to Democrats kvetch and complain and ask why, oh, why, oh, why, why must we suffer so? Well, now it's the Republicans' turn to whimper reflectively as they sweep up the pieces of their shattered crowns. What do conservatives sound like when yanked by fate from their high horse? Here's how the righty blogosphere has been dealing with its loss.

While admitting the election was an electoral defeat, Republicans cite successful ballot initiatives to trumpet a victory for "conservative values," and therefore, making the election a symbolic win waiting to be turned into future real ones.

It's the media's fault. Here a positive article about progress being made in Afghanistan is cited as evidence that the media will now be picking up an "everything is awesome, Dems are in" meme.

Conservatives appeal to a greater god who might take away the reality of what is happening. Here the greater god is the Gingrich Revolution of 1994, which must be reenacted to save the fading GOP.

The toughest stage of all, but the most important to overcome. At least now Republicans are talking about their feelings.

Finally, the grieving GOP soul climbs the slow, steady incline toward acquiesence. "You guys won big last night. So you deserve to gloat. Had things turned out better for us, we would be."

It's a hard road to renewal, but the faithful walk it at their pace. Some may never finish their journey, but we hold out hope for all.