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11/ 8/06

2:38 PM


‘Fog of War II ’ Starring Donald Rumsfeld

The self-flagellation begins!Photograph by Getty Images

From the keyboards of conservative bloggers to the mouths of presidents. You'd expect the idea that Al Qaeda members were dancing in the streets this morning to be taken as a given by right-wing bloggers. By today's press conference, the updated red-baiting had oozed up the chain of command to Bush himself: "To our enemies I say, do not rejoice. To the Iraqis, do not be fearful."

Bush tried to maintain a conciliatory mood, offering the head of Al Qaeda West, Nancy Pelosi, decorating advice for her new office and complimenting the purged Donald Rumsfeld on a ride well rode, even if he couldn't recall the timing of when he asked him to hang up his spurs. He could recall why he was losing his reading contest with Karl Rove: "I was working harder on the campaign he was," he said with barely concealed mock disdain. You're never too close a confidant to incur the Bush wrath.

Oh, and in case you're updating your Bush dyslexicon, "stay the course," now means "constantly adjust."

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