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11/ 9/06

1:15 PM


Joe Lieberman's Payback Time

That grin's not going anywhere.Photograph: Getty Images

Capricious, irascible, unpredictable. Those are just some of the synonyms for "kind of a dick" one might use to describe Joe Lieberman, the Independent Democrat who with his win on Tuesday went from Kid on the Bus Who Smelled to King of the Lunchroom. Joe can now do whatever he wants. He may caucus with the Democrats, but he may do so as a spy for the Republicans. He may propose an invasion of Luxembourg, or he may conscript Hillary Clinton into service as his personal foot massager.

Everybody owes the Senate's new swingman something, and when Joe cock-walks his way back into the chamber carrying a big Radio Raheem boom box with the beat from Gary Glitter's "Rock & Roll Part 2" cranked to eleven, there's gonna be more than a few sheepish "uh, hey, buddy"s coming from his formerly backstabbing Democratic colleagues. For the time being, Killa Joe is busy not returning Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's calls and polishing that fine-tuned sense of humor he wielded so well in his legendary vice-presidential debates with Dick Cheney. Asked about the possibility of switching parties, Lieberman said, "See, there's a little playfulness in me that wants me to make a joke about that, but it's too serious." What a kidder.

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