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11:41 AM


John Hall's Sweet Sounds, Victory

The New York Times may have been surprised by John Hall's victory over Sue Kelly in the Nineteenth District, but Early and Often was not. We made no bones about our love for John Hall, and we whored for his election loudly and proudly. The Gray Lady may have come around at the end, but E&O, the Painted Lady, was (metaphorically) going down on the dulcet-toned, eco-aware baldy back in September. (By the way, NYT, the melodies of Hall's seventies soft-rock group Orleans do not "worm into your brain and stay all day, if you let them," as you asserted in your endorsement. Worming into the brain is very bad, and Hall's melodies, like his candidacy, can only be a force for good.)

That in mind, it is with sweet vindication that we present Hall's first public appearance since winning office.

An Endorsement for Congress [NYT]