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11/ 8/06

11:10 AM


The New York Scoreboard

Losses by once-unbeatable incumbents John Sweeney and Sue Kelly were indicative of national disgust and inspired challengers. Jack Davis's loss to Tom Reynolds, who stuck out on a night in which Northeast Republicanism pretty much died, seems to be an example of local popularity trumping national trends (at least that's what Reynolds has been saying), but it's really just proof that Davis was a terrible candidate.

Davis, a "Goldwater Democrat," ran on one issue (trade), did little retail campaigning, listened to no national party strategists in a year when they obviously had something to say, and campaigned on blanket disgust with government in a year in which voters asked for its reform not its dismantling. Weirdly, had the Democrats run someone more traditionally Democratic they might have won that seat.

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