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Archive of In the Magazine

11/ 6/06

10:00 AM

In the Magazine 

Passing on the Presidency

Hillary wonders if being president could possibly be as fun as this armed-services committee meeting in 2005.Photograph by Stephen Crowley/The New York Times/Redux

Being the senator from New York is a pretty good gig. So will Hillary Clinton be willing to give it up?

Kurt Andersen wants to go back to George W. Bush's original plan for the humble superpower.

In the Missouri Senate race, the red and the blue are not so different.

After Bernie Kerik was sucked into the Jeanine Pirro mess, Iraq was the next logical place to be.

With a Democratic victory pretty much assured in New York, it's about time for donors of all political persuasions to pay up.


10:37 AM

In the Magazine 

GOP Believes in Pelosi Monster

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Gives you the shivers, right?Illustration by Darrow

Nancy Pelosi may inspire enough fear to keep the House Republican.

Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson are not just running mates, they're pals!

New Yorkers' votes may not be "deciders," but there are other ways to affect the midterm elections.

But in case you were worried, a new poll shows the GOP can expect a good trouncing here.

City dwellers are so used to bad produce that Andrew Young's comments don't seem offensive.


5:33 PM

In the Magazine 

New Jersey: Swing State?

Tom Kean Jr. and Robert MenedezIllustration by Darrow

Could a GOP win in the New Jersey Senate race make the whole state see red?

Manhattan GOP leader James Ortenzio is under investigation.

Comptroller candidate Chris Callaghan tries out his laugh lines.


10:15 AM

In the Magazine 

Deconstructing a Marriage

Staying Power: Jeanine and Al Pirro.Photograph by Timothy Fadek/Polaris

Forget Bill and Hillary. Armchair marriage counselors are too busy with Al and Jeanine Pirro.

Mario Cuomo plays cornerman in Junior's spat with Spitzer.

Understanding the conservatism of Andrew Sullivan.

10/ 9/06

10:15 AM

In the Magazine 

The Naked Truthiness

Stephen Colbert removes his face.Photograph by Naomi Harris

Stephen Colbert gives America a secret political decoder ring.

Crib Sheet: The Midterm Elections.

Unbuilding Karl Rove.

Jim McGreevey is not David Letterman's plaything.

Dragging Tom Reynolds through Mark Foley's mud, gently.

Your faithful Ferrer, the widows' and orphans' friend.

10/ 3/06

1:45 PM

In the Magazine 

Arianna, Bo Dietl, Conspirators

Arianna: The Human Blog.Photograph by Chris Buck

Arianna Huffington has a new book about fearlessness and a new incarnation as a self-help guru.

Bo Dietl offers P.I. services to Jeanine Pirro.

Conspiracy theorists, rejoice! More records from the investigation into the crash of TWA Flight 800 are on the way.