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Beltran’s Back! (Playing for the Cyclones)

He can hardly believe it himself.

Mets center-fielder Carlos Beltran is returning to baseball after injuring his knee early in the summer. (This is how long it’s been: The Mets were only two games out of first on June 21, his last game. Three days later, they were a half-game out. They’re currently seventeen and a half games behind the Phillies.) The Mets obviously don’t need Beltran back, but he wants to get some games in this year. Would you pay $72, plus “convenience fees,” to sit in the Pepsi Porch to watch Beltran play defense for Elmer Dessens? We suspect not. But would you pay $15 for field boxes? Because you can do that — like, tonight.

Yep, Beltran’s playing for the Brooklyn Cyclones! If you can make it down to Keyspan Park in Coney Island tonight (tickets are still available), you can see him test out the knee against the Hudson Valley Renegades. And Beltran’s not the only attraction: The first 2,500 fans receive a free team photo (their special guest not included), and it’s Fireworks Night.

There are only three regular-season home games left for the Cyclones after tonight, but they’ve already clinched a playoff spot, so there will be more to come. (There’s a possibility they’ll meet the Staten Island Yankees in the playoffs, actually.) Beltran won’t be around for those games, though. If all goes well, he could be back at Citi Field against the Cubs this weekend. But for now, he’s away from Flushing, safe from the invisible Citi Field snipers who have been taking out Mets players all season.

Beltran’s Back! (Playing for the Cyclones)