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Curt Schilling Would Fix Massachusetts in Just One Term

Curt Schilling, who’s still not actually running for the Senate yet, took to his blog this weekend to spell out his views on taxes, abortion, and the Second Amendment, because that’s what most retired baseball players who aren’t running for Senate do in their spare time. (He could have saved himself the carpal tunnel and just linked to our own Daily Intel, which has already outlined his beliefs.) And while Schilling writes, “I have no ambition to enter into a life of politics,” he’s flattered that some people think he’s the man for the job. He’s more or less said this before — during the World Series, no less — except this time, the mythical open Massachusetts Senate seat is a very real thing.

But before you make up your mind about Schilling (as if you haven’t already), he’d like to point out a couple of things. First of all, if by “some slim chance” he does run, “it won’t be a joke.” Plus, no politician is perfect, even ones who’ve received the coveted Curt Schilling Seal of Approval. (As an example, he points to his support of Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker, who is in favor of gay marriage.) And should he throw his bloody sock into the ring, it would only be for one term. You see, that’s all he’ll need to fix Massachusetts!

Says Curt:

Were I to even consider this it would be for 1 term and 1 term only, and then only to do everything in my power to rid this state of the tired an unethical people that have run it into the ground and help it begin the healing process, and once again become a thriving state to live and work in.

We’re sure Curt knows that, should he somehow win this thing, he’d only be serving out the rest of Ted Kennedy’s term, which would end in January 2013. So maybe he means one full six-year term, after this temporary one. Or perhaps he’s just such a brilliant political mind that he’ll only need three years to clean up the government, begin “the healing process” (whatever that means), and fill in all those pesky potholes.

What I believe. [38 Pitches/WEEI]

Curt Schilling Would Fix Massachusetts in Just One Term