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It’s All About Jeter, for One More Night

This photo is from thirteen years ago. Nice necklace.

Using simple probability — and there is never anything simple about probability — considering that Derek Jeter is batting .330 this season, and he’s facing a rookie pitcher in the Orioles’ Chris Tillman, and he’s a leadoff hitter who should have at least five plate appearances tonight, and he’s at home … well, we’d recommend if you want to see Jeter break Lou Gehrig’s all-time hit record in person, then you best get on StubHub right now. They’re a little more expensive than usual.

One fascinating thing about Jeter is how popular he remains with teenagers; after all, we are talking about a 35-year-old man who rides through All-Star parades with his parents. Something about Jeter is eternally young, a man still playing a kid’s game like a kid, long past the time telling him that’s appropriate. Although you can be assured his mom is still telling him to settle down and marry that Minka girl already.

In honor of Jeter, we thought we’d put together an embedded highlight reel. Unfortunately, MLB doesn’t allow anyone to embed its videos. Thus, in honor of Jeter’s refusal to grow up and his popularity with the Oxy crowd, we present Jeter highlights in video-game form.

The key to this play is Jeter’s catlike reflexes: What he lacks in range he makes up for in reaction time.

Jeter’s power has always been somewhat obscured by his infamous intangibles: Here, Jeremy Guthrie learns this the hard way. The slow motion allows you to understand the intricacies and subtleties of Jeter’s swing.

The key to Jeter has always been his hustle. Watch here as he sprints down the line after an easy single to right field. That’s what Jeter gives you. That’s the Jeter touch.

It’s All About Jeter, for One More Night