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It’s Titans vs. Titans! Or Oilers! Or Something!

Which team is it? WHICH ONE?

Only twice this season will the Jets and Giants be playing at the same time, and the first is this weekend. (The second is Week 17, but that Giants-at-Vikings matchup reeks of “switched to the Sunday-night flex game.”) If you choose the Jets, be not bewildered when you turn your flickering televising device to CBS and cannot figure out who the heck is playing, or what decade you’re in. That’s by design.

In honor of AFL Legacy Weekend, the Jets will be wearing their old New York Titans uniforms. (Last seen torching our beloved Arizona Cardinals last season.) That’s all fine and dandy, but, as luck would have it, the Jets are playing the current Titans.

Because Titans vs. Titans would, well, clash, the Titans will be wearing old Houston Oilers uniforms. Which strikes us as kind of mean, considering they left Houston thirteen years ago and totally confused Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

All that really matters is that you go and buy a Mark Sanchez Titans uniform, like your NFL overlords demand. Follow orders, minions.

It’s Titans vs. Titans! Or Oilers! Or Something!