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Why Is Mark Sanchez on the Injured List? Blame Brett Favre.

See? He’s totally standing upright.

When you do your last-minute fantasy football injury checkups an hour before kickoff on Sunday, be not alarmed when you see “M. Sanchez, QB, New York, probable (knee)” on the injury report. He’s fine. Worry not.

Sanchez has “slight tendinitis” in his right knee, which the Daily News noticed him “fussing” over at practice yesterday. This is a minor injury — at best — and isn’t much anyone should be concerned about. But in the wake of Brett Favre’s last-ditch attempt at causing Jets drama in the preseason — claiming he was injured last year and the Jets didn’t tell anyone, leading to a fine from the NFL — the Jets aren’t taking any chances.

“Make sure he’s on that list,” he told reporters after practice, drawing a few laughs. “I don’t mean anything by that. It’s just a little thing, so we’re going to put him on there.”

Expect, at some point, the injury report to show “C. Stuckey, WR, New York, probable (hangnail).” Man, Brett Favre ruins everything.

The Jets have a new expected level of success now, which means they are expected to thoroughly trounce the 0–2 Titans. Of course, this is exactly the type of comedown game that has plagued teams for years, a sandwich game between the inspiring Patriots win of last week and a fascinating match-up against the Saints at the Superdome next week. If the Jets can go 3–0, they will have overcome a larger hurdle than people realize. And it would be their first 3–0 start since 2004.

But they can only do it if Mark Sanchez’s deteriorating, crumbling, held-together-by-twine-and-spit right knee can hold up. It’s falling apart! Say your prayers, Jets fans!

Why Is Mark Sanchez on the Injured List? Blame Brett Favre.