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Start Planning Your 2010 Mets Road Trips Now!

Those are regular-size glasses. His head is tiny.

For Mets fans who just can’t let go of this season, there’s a fun event at the Two Boots Tavern tonight. For Mets fans who are running away screaming from this season, fret not! There will be another season. Next year, in fact. And now we have proof.

Both the Mets and Yankees released their 2010 schedules today, and the Mets can take solace in the fact that no matter what happens in the season’s final two and a half weeks, they will start the season 0–0, and they will start it at Citi Field against the Florida Marlins.

Other highlights of the Mets’$2 2010 schedule:

• Their interleague home series are against the Tigers, the Twins, and the Yankees, of course. They’ll travel to Yankee Stadium, Jacobs Field in Cleveland, and Camden Yards in Baltimore.
• You can spend your Fourth of July invading D.C. with Glenn Beck and watching the Mets play at Nationals Park.
• If the Mets climb back into contention and play meaningful games during the last week of the season, only to collapse and destroy their fans yet again, they’ll do it right here in Flushing: They end with a seven-game homestand with the Brewers and the Nationals.

We’d get into the Yankees schedule — they open and close with the Red Sox — but there’s still some business to attend to in 2009 first.

Start Planning Your 2010 Mets Road Trips Now!