Look Out, Kids, Here Come the Knicks

We’re going to assume that most of you, the ones who keep half a wary eye on the Knicks from time to time but generally are just waiting around until 2010 to start paying attention (we do not blame you for this, at all), will not be watching many more Knicks games now that they decided not to sign Allen Iverson. This is rational behavior. But they’re still out there playing and, all told, they didn’t have themselves that bad of a weekend.

On Saturday, the Knicks avoided ultimate embarrassment by breezing past the still-winless Nets in East Rutherford, in a game that featured Mike D’Antoni nearly strangling Nate Robinson and Dora the Explorer singing the National Anthem. So that was fun.

The Knicks played even better yesterday at the Garden, fighting the Celtics to overtime and only losing on a last-second jumper by Kevin Garnett. Boston wasn’t exactly on top of its game, but the Knicks hung in, and generally earned a little bit of begrudging respect. It’s worth noting, though, that it was more of a matter of the Celtics looking old rather then the Knicks looking like contenders. You knew that, though.

Still, the Knicks remain a hot ticket, apparently, considering that fresh off their Derek Jeter on Coney Island cameo, Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell were filming their movie at the Garden. (With Tracy Morgan!) So something was happening. And with an upcoming West Coast road trip, including games against the Lakers, Kings, and Nuggets, we hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

Look Out, Kids, Here Come the Knicks