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Mets Somehow Involved in West Bank Conflict

As if the Mets didn’t have enough to worry about, they’re getting grief from a pro-Palestinian group because of a fundraiser taking place this weekend at Citi Field for the Hebron Fund, described by the Daily News as “a Brooklyn-based organization that funds radical Jewish settlers in the West Bank city.”

The group, Adalah-NY, says that the money will be used to support some 700 Jews squatting in the overwhelmingly Palestinian city, and they’ve asked the Mets to cancel the event, claiming that it contradicts the team’s commitment “to diversity and opposition to discrimination.” Adalah-NY’s website says that the event — slated to be held above the Jackie Robinson Rotunda — is “an insult to Robinson’s legacy.”

The team has no plans to cancel, though, saying in a statement that “The beliefs of organizations holding events at Citi Field do not necessarily reflect those of the New York Mets.” Next up for Adalah-NY: A protest tomorrow afternoon outside Major League Baseball’s Park Avenue headquarters, in the hopes that commissioner Bud Selig will intervene and cancel the event.

Pro-Arab group rips Citi Field fete: The Hebron Fund hosting fund-raiser at home of Mets [NYDN]

Mets Somehow Involved in West Bank Conflict