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Suddenly, There’s a Lot Less Eddy Curry to Boo

Eddy Curry, before.

We know, it was only three weeks ago that we promised that we were done writing about Eddy Curry. But whoa: Look at him. He’s dropped a Nate Robinson.

The last we saw Curry, it was the last day of training camp, and he was dealing with injuries, lethargy, and lots and lots of weight. Then he vanished, and everyone assumed we’d never see him again. Then, yesterday, back at practice: Thin Curry.

Well, maybe not thin Curry, but the amount of weight he has lost is truly shocking. Who knew Eddy Curry had cheekbones?

“It’s the best I’ve felt in a long time,” he said. “I feel real good right now. Just walking around, I feel light on my feet.”

Curry said he didn’t know how much weight he lost, but trust us: It was Nate Robinson.

Curry still isn’t in “basketball shape,” and you shouldn’t expect to see him on the court for another week, at least. He’s hardly a cure-all for what ails the Knicks — weight is far from the only factor keeping Curry from a dominant NBA career — and it’s difficult to imagine Donnie Walsh being able to trade him under any scenario, but hey, he’s back, and he’s light, and he has a beard. Eddy Curry is here to kick around again. Touch it, Dave.

Suddenly, There’s a Lot Less Eddy Curry to Boo