Hey, Knicks: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

You know it was a slow night in New York sports when the back-page cover of the Post accuses the Knicks of having no “heart.” The Post is aggrieved and appalled by a Knicks loss? We didn’t even know they were still sending reporters to games. Definitely a slow night.

Anyway, the Knicks missed assuredly their best opportunity to win a fifth game in a row all season, falling 94–87 to a Bobcats team they dominated all game. The Knicks scored only thirteen points in the fourth quarter, and Charlotte finished the game on a 15–2 run. It was an immensely frustrating loss, which is probably why the Post was so upset.

How much has this Knicks team changed since the season opened? The team mostly blamed their loss on the fact that Jared Jeffries fouled out. That’s right: Without Jared Jeffries, they’re nothing.

The Knicks play Charlotte again on Sunday, at the Garden. There will be other sporting events that day, so fewer people will notice.

Hey, Knicks: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things