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Hey, the Mets Just Signed Jason Bay

Mike Francesa has been teasing on his radio show since yesterday that he had a big scoop involving the Mets. He wasn’t lying, as much as any Mets scoop can be considered “big”: He says the Mets have signed Jason Bay to a four-year, $66 million deal, pending a physical. (Jon Heyman has confirmed.)

Matt Cerrone at MetsBlog has been sniffing around this all day, too, but the story appears to be moving now. (Francesca also says Bengie Molina is holding out for a third year, which is insane.)

So, the Mets now have their left-fielder, and four years at $66 million is, all told, a reasonable price for a reasonable length of time. Nice job, Omar. And Jason Bay, after a brief roll in the hay with the postseason in Boston, plays for the Pirates again. Congrats, Jason.

(Sorry. That was cheap. The Mets are far superior to the Pirates. Just a little joke there. Don’t be mad.)

Hey, the Mets Just Signed Jason Bay