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Matt Holliday Apparently Near Signing: Damon’s All That’s Left

Yes, one of this site’s final images of 2009 is of a Cardinal. Wanna make somethin’ of it?

Now that the Cardinals and Matt Holliday are very close to an agreement — which means, of course, this will still probably last into February — the Yankees can finally stop denying they have interest in Holliday and go back to denying they have interest in Johnny Damon.

After this post and the end-of-year post coming up in an hour, this is it for us until Monday, so you never know, maybe something will happen over the weekend. But it’s beginning to look like Johnny Damon and the Yankees are going to be standing around this February, on opposite sides of the ballroom and prom, and realize that, doggone it, they were supposed to be together all along.

Damon has no other suitors. The Yankees aren’t really going to put Brett Gardner in left field all season. Damon is remaining stubborn, demanding a longer deal for more cash than he could reasonably expect, and the Yankees are still playing the “he took himself out of the game as an option.” It’s so cute: They’re playing hard to get.

There are no other teams left for Damon. There are no other left-fielders for the Yankees. Stop fighting, you two, and make this happen. We are tired of being Janeane Garofalo and yelling at Ethan Hawke and Winona Ryder to just do it already.

(Note: Within five minutes of this post going up, we fully expect the Yankees to swoop in and sign Holliday for $500 million. Serves us right.)

Matt Holliday Apparently Near Signing: Damon’s All That’s Left